About Us

Coffee Arts is your resource for creating great coffee anywhere, anytime. We offer craft coffee equipment, supplies, information, and instructional videos. Our hope is to foster a community of people who share our curiosity and passion about coffee and all that it entails: growing, roasting, grinding, brewing, and enjoying. We strive to further our understanding of the science of coffee as we explore the art of brewing a great cup.

We believe in the craft coffee experience; its environmental sustainability, financial feasibility, and improvement of the quality of life for both coffee drinker and coffee farmer. As such, Coffee Arts supports farmers, importers, coffee roasters, coffee shops, and manufacturers who believe in craft coffee, as well. That’s why you’ll find here not only the superb coffee equipment and quality green coffee beans you need to make great coffee at home, you’ll also find high quality small batch fresh roasted coffee beans and our recommendations of the best independent coffee shops throughout the country for when you’re not at home.

Elevate your coffee experience. Elevate your expectations.

About the owners:
Galen’s interest in coffee lies primarily in the techniques, the tools, and the process of creating great coffee while Liza’s interest is primarily focused on the environmental and social impacts of coffee production and consumption. Through video tutorials, product reviews, news, and articles, it is our hope that we can make high quality coffee accessible to everyone in the most responsible manner possible.