Espro Press 8oz Coffee Maker

Espro Press Coffeemaker 8oz


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Product Description

The Espro Press Coffeemaker micro-filters your coffee twice, to reveal the full flavor of coffee without the grit. The two patent-pending filters are 9-12 times finer than a common French Press. They get beneath the grinds and filter twice, leaving all of the flavor and none of the grit. The stainless double-walled vacuum vessel holds heat for hours and won’t break. The outside stays cold, the inside stays hot.

The Espro Press Coffeemaker filters and strains almost any water or alcohol-based beverage, hot or cold and is perfect for loose-leaf tea. Bartenders are using it to make tonic water and foodies are making vanilla extracts.

• 8oz (makes 1 US cup)
• Contains two patent pending micro-filters
• Filters are BPA, BPS and phthalate free, made from USA-manufactured materials in Canada
• Container has all stainless construction, is double-walled and vacuum insulated
• Assembled in Canada


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